2012 Newsletters


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Technical Updates and Newsletters


2 January 2012 Newsletter No. 1 (ATO Compliance Plan 2012)Six key areas of Tax Office compliance focus for SMSFs.
1 February 2012 Newsletter No. 2 (Can a SMSF operate a business?)Areas of the Superannuation law to consider if an SMSF is to operate a business.
5 March 2012 Newsletter No. 3 (Trustees going Overseas)Three conditions that must be met if SMSF trustees go overseas.
6 April 2012 Newsletter No. 4 (Limited Recourse Borrowing)Getting the structure right to avoid taxation consequences.
5 May 2012 Newsletter No. 5 (Concessional and Non-concessional Contributions)How you can work out which category your contribution belongs to.
6 June 2012 Newsletter No. 6 (Changes for SMSFs in the May Budget)The two main areas of significant change in the May 2012 Budget.
5 July 2012 Newsletter No. 7 (Lodgement and Payment Dates for Returns)SMSF lodgement and payment dates for the 2011/2012 financial year.
4 August 2012 Newsletter No. 8 (Refund of Excess Concessional Contributions)How excess concessional contributions can be taxed at your marginal tax rate.
1 September 2012 Newsletter No. 9 (Stronger Super Reform)Read all about the new laws and new penalties recently introduced.
21 October 2012 Newsletter No. 10 (Providing financial assistance to a relative)Money in your SMSF cannot be used for private purposes such as helping your family.
5 November 2012 Newsletter No. 11 (Artwork and Collectables)Artwork and collectables are popular investments for some trustees. What you need to know if your SMSF invests in these assets.
13 December 2012 Newsletter No. 12 (Super Co-contributions) Could you be eligible for government contributions to your super?