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As superannuation law changes, Monica will update her books as necessary. Monica uses her monthly newsletters to notify her subscribers of any changes. If you would like to receive her Newsletter, please register by clicking on the blue "Subscribe" button at the bottom of our Home Page. Below is a list of newsletters released since January 2012:

Updates to The Self Managed Super Handbook Seventh Edition

Updates to the Seventh Edition can be accessed by clicking here.

Sentinel Stockbroking

Stockbroking firm which offers a full range of services. The firm takes a conservative approach and its primary aim is to protect client investments. For more information, click here.


Financial advisers with a reputation for reliability and integrity. Click here.

Law Central

Online legal document provider. For reasonably priced legal documents click here.

Noel Whittaker Website

The Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Limited

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Australian Taxation Office

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