2013 Newsletters


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Technical Updates and Newsletters


1 January 2013 Newsletter No. 1 (SMSF Auditor Registration) New registration requirements for SMSF Auditors.
1 February 2013 Newsletter No. 2 (Acquisition of Building Materials from a Related Party) The limits of what a related party can provide to an SMSF
1 March 2013 Newsletter No. 3 (Return of Non-concessional Contributions) Restitution of a mistaken contribution to a SMSF
1 April 2013 Newsletter No. 4 (Minimum Pension Payment Requirements) Minimum payment requirements based on age and percentage value of SMSF account balance
1 May 2013 Newsletter No. 5 (Notice of Non-compliance) The consequences of receiving a Notice of Non-compliance by your SMSF
1 June 2013 Newsletter No. 6 (Boost your superannuation savings) Super Co-contributions and Low Income Super Contributions
3 July 2013 Newsletter No. 7 (Non-compliance in the first year of establishment) Consequences of receiving a notice of non-compliance in the SMSF’s first year of establishment
4 September 2013 Newsletter No. 8 (Third Edition release of The Self Managed Super Handbook)
19 September 2013 Newsletter No. 9 (Insurance for SMSF members needs to be considered) Insurance must be considered for SMSF members by trustees
30 September 2013 Newsletter No. 10 (Zero per cent interest loans) SMSFs can accept loans from related parties on terms favourable to the SMSF
31 October 2013 Newsletter No. 11 (SMSF property investment tips and traps) 10 areas of the superannuation law you need to be mindful of if you are considering property investment for your SMSF
1 December 2013 Newsletter No. 12 (SMSF trustees performing services for their SMSF) You can be paid by your SMSF to provide a service to your fund in your professional capacity but be aware of the contribution’s cap