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Monica Rule wrote “The Self Managed Super Handbook – Superannuation Law for Self Managed Superannuation Funds in plain English” to assist finance professionals and trustees of Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) to understand the superannuation law.

Monica worked in the Superannuation Business Line of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for 17 years as a technical adviser and senior compliance officer. Monica audited SMSFs and assisted SMSF trustees, accountants, auditors and lawyers with complex superannuation queries.

Monica is the only person to have obtained permission from the ATO to publish a book like this while working as an ATO employee. Monica resigned from the ATO in August 2013 to pursue her passion in the superannuation industry as an active SMSF expert (for other services offered by Monica, see: www.monicarule.com.au).   Monica is also a member of the SMSF Association and is an accredited SMSF Specialist Advisor.

During her time at the ATO, Monica has seen too many SMSF trustees fail to comply with the superannuation law simply because either they did not take an interest in the law, or they did not understand the law. It was through her interactions with clients that Monica realised there was a need to publish an easy to understand, “plain English” text on the superannuation law.

It is not just the trustees of SMSFs who have failed to understand the law.  Some contraventions are caused by the trustees’ professional advisors not interpreting the law correctly and therefore providing their clients with incorrect advice.

As the ultimate responsibility and accountability rests with trustees of SMSFs, it is the trustees who can be disqualified and prosecuted for not complying with the law.  It is their SMSFs that will lose the tax concession and half of its assets if enforcement action is taken by the Australian Taxation Office.

Monica’s desire is to educate anyone who wants to set up a SMSF.  Her books use real life examples which she has collected from her daily interactions with clients.

The Self Managed Super Handbook will assist you in:

•             understanding the superannuation law

•             meeting your obligations as a trustee of your own superannuation fund

•             understanding your accountant’s, auditor’s or financial advisor’s advice

•             maintaining a complying superannuation fund.

Monica’s ultimate goal is to help people with SMSFs plan for a worry-free and happy retirement.

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